Developing Capacities: Training of Trainers (ToT) Program


“Not only did it meet my expectations, it went far beyond”, Eman Nazzal; the projects coordinator at Women Affairs Technical Committee stated during one of the TOT sessions. Ms. Nazzal joined the TOT program along with her peers in twelve human rights CSOs to fulfill their desire in acquiring new skills and experiences in order to become professional trainers. All participants in the ToT program work as trainers in the various fields of Human Rights and IHL where sharp and strong leadership skills are highly required.

Human Rights and IHL Secretariat was aware of the persistent need of the partner CSOs to build their teams’ capacities. Since one of the major objectives of the Secretariat is to empower partner organizations through capacity development, the secretariat took the initiative to fulfill its partners CSOs need through launching the TOT program.

ToT program aims to prepare a group of trainers from the partner human rights CSOs and qualify them to design and implement capacity building trainings at their CSOs and others working in the same field. The program aims to equip the participants with the following knowledge and skills: identify the objectives and the assessment procedures to measure the needs for the training, design the trainings plans, introduce new training methods and the best tools to be used, use the training tools efficiently, prepare training material, communicate with participants efficiently, manage the training programs effectively and evaluate training activities through different methodologies.

Mayada Walid, the community awareness specialist at the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center (TRC) expressed her gratitude to the ToT trainer who helped her overcome many of the problems she faces during her work as a trainer; “we were lucky to have a wonderful trainer who provided us with new knowledge and experience every day, the trainer taught us how to design, plan and implement a training from the very first step that is searching the needs to a guaranteed effective outcome”. Ms. Walid initiated a training that will be implemented at her organization where she will reflect her new skills acquired from the ToT program.

The participants witnessed new experiences like being evaluated and receiving feedback from their peers on their performance. Salah Abu Al-So’od, the attorney at Defense for Children International (DCI) became encouraged to use different methods based on the feedback received from the trainer and the participants who come from different backgrounds. He is now more open to understand the trainees so he can identify his goals and choose the most suitable method to deliver his message.

The secretariat implemented the ToT program as part of its capacity building program in three different locations; Ramallah, Gaza and Jerusalem where partner CSOs’ teams were trained and prepared to spread out their knowledge.

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