Human Rights & IHL Secretariat holds a Results Based Reporting Workshop



Result Based Reporting workshop was initiated by the Human Rights and IHL Secretariat in response to human rights CSOs need. The workshop aimed to assist the CSOs in their advocacy and lobbying activities and efforts at the local and international levels. The secretariat and its partners believe that the use of result based methodology will certainly be effective in shaping the policies and country strategies of the policy makers and donor’s community.


The workshop was attended by participants from six partner organizations who expressed their appreciation and gratitude for giving them the chance to acquire such a highly needed knowledge. They emphasized that developing a result based report is a continuous process that will maintain the CSOs successes and achievements in memory.


The participants from DWRC, DCI, PWWSD, Miftah, WATC, and Badil were motivated to attend the three days workshop on February 2016 that focused on Result-based planning, management and reporting-a conceptual frame and practical application, Theory of change, Outcome mapping methodology, Result-based reporting and M&E (indicators, M&E preparations and arrangements, data gathering/ classification, etc.), Result-based reporting-preparations and implementation, Result-based reporting-Practical exercises-good practices, Result-based reporting-experiences of some human rights organizations (BADIL, WCLAC, ALHAQ), tools for data collection and management of information, tips for good report writing.


To guarantee success of the workshop, the secretariat conducted a one day reflection workshop that included a discussion on the benefits of the training and review of the participants’ experiences during the take home assignment and drafting the annual reports. The participants presented the challenges encountered them while writing reports and how they dealt with these challenges and overcame them within their institutions. The workshop was ended by the participants’ recommendations for the development of their future reporting.


The secretariat conducted an evaluation for the workshop as one of the tools used to measure the success of the workshop and came up with the following findings:


- The management level of participants was as planned and expected in terms of their positions, qualifications, duties and responsibilities and played a great role to transparently transferring their experiences with the different departments in their home CSOs.


- During the training, the participants were cooperative, very interactive and effectively participated in all tools and sessions, and showed their interest to learn and improve their skills and understand this new issue to many of them. They were very eager to speak about their experiences and share lessons learned.


- Sharing and discussing the experiences of Badil, WCLAC and Alhaq reports were so valuable and practical for the participants.


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