Inauguration of the Human Rights Student Internship Program for Law Students


The Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat, in partnership with the Faculty of Law at Birzeit University, conducted an open day for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) at the Institute of Law on 19 October 2015. This activity witnessed the launch of the Secretariat’s Students Internship Program for 2015-2016, which will be implemented in partnership with the faculty of law at both thew Birziet University in the West Bank and Al-Azhar University in the Gaza strip.

In this activity, thirteen Human Rights Organisations, in addition to 150 students, were brought together, with the aim to present the work and thematic focus of each of the participating CSOs to law students at BZU and to open the floor for interaction between CSOs and students.

The Internship Program targets Palestinian law students in order to bring to their attention the work of human rights CSOs, and to build their capacities in both the thematic areas addressed and strategies employed by human rights CSOs.

This year, the internship program enters its second round; the first round was conducted last academic year, and was subjected of assessment with the participation of students and CSOs involved. The second round has been designed taking into account the findings and recommendations of the said assessment.

To apply, law students from Birzeit University (third year level) can download the program description package, which includes the application form, by following this link.


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