Barriers to Love, Life, and Residency Rights: A Case Study on Kufr Aqab


The Secretariat's partner, PWWSD, has recently released a study examining Israeli-imposed restrictions on family life in Jerusalem, through the cases of women from the East Jerusalem neighourhood of Kufr Aqab.A total of ten women, former and current Kufr Aqab residents, took part in open-ended interviews for the study.

The study examined issues women in occupied Palestine experience in marriage with partners of their choice, addresses physical barriers imposed by the Israeli occupation and examines how the current situation affects the choice of a spouse.

Experiences that women of Kufr Aqab face show that under Israeli occupation, Palestinians continue to suffer from the violation of even the most basic of rights: they are "unable to freely choose a life partner and live a normal family life. Ultimately they are restricted in their ability to love, live as a family, and travel as a family unit. The study also indicates that such politically enforced restrictions may give rise to familial and societal restrictions. Ultimately, these experiences are not restricted to women of the Kufr Aqab neighborhood, but manifestations of a greater setting of Palestinians under occupation and ongoing attempts to erase their presence. The bureaucratic obstacles that the women of Kufr Aqab face are largely part of a policy that persistently violates the fundamental human rights of Palestinians."

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