Secretariat Donors and Partner CSOs Discuss Documentation of Violations of Human Rights During the War on Gaza and Next Steps

Gaza war documentation dialogue 22 Jan 2015

Secretariat donor representatives met today 22 January 2015, in Gaza and Ramallah, via videoconference, with representatives of a number of partner CSOs involved in the documentation of violations of human rights during the war on Gaza.

Participants were updated on the documentaiton effort by CSOs operating in Gaza, their coordination of the documentation, and cooperation with the UN - established Commission of Inquiry. CSO representatives also updated participants on their next steps, ahead of the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry, due March 2015.

The following is a list of key points and messages raised during the meeting:

1. Justice and peace go hand in hand. Peace should no more be sought at the expense of justice for victims. Also, listening to victims not only helps justice, but helps restore their dignity as well.

2. We all need to be reminded that Gaza reconstruction has so far, 6 months or so after the war, failed to change the reality in Gaza in a meaningful way. The population of Gaza are still suffering from the effects of the war, and their needs should be met.

3. CSOs believe that there is political will on the part of Palestine to move forward with seeking accountability, through international mechanisms, for human rights abuses during the war on Gaza. CSOs have high expectations of the Palestinian government.

4. The international community has key role in facilitating and supporting accountability for human rights abuses in Palestine during the war on Gaza on the agenda of international bodies, including at the Human Rights Council and the UN Security Council. As a minimum, a message to the donor countries from CSOs was that states should not take any measure which could obstruct progress made in this regard.

5. As we move closer towards submitting the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry to the Human Rights Council, CSOs and donors need to reconvene, to ensure support for justice and accountability is maintained at the Human Rights Council and beyond.

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