PHROC Raises Serious Concerns Regarding the Development of Master Plans Requiring Israeli Approval in Area C of the West Bank

master plans


The Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Council (PHROC) released a study, dealing with planning in Area (C) of the West Bank, including the development of Master Plans, and the objectives these Plans are meant to serve.

In the study, found at the Al-Haq’s website, PHROC ‘calls on all third States and the State of Palestine to carry out thorough risk assessments before funding or facilitating the development of Master Plans in Area C that require prior Israeli approval.’

PHROC warned of the far-reaching implications of seeking Israeli occupation approval:

‘By basing the development of these Master Plans on Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) approval, donors are implicitly recognising Israel’s unlawful planning regime in Area C and risk furthering the associated violations of international law, including the construction and expansion of settlements, the destruction of Palestinian property, the forcible transfer of Palestinian residents, the violation of various human rights obligations and the acquisition of territory through the use of force.’

It is worth mentioning that European funding has been provided for developing Palestinian Master Plans, but initial assessments indicate that these Plans still followed or mirrored Israeli planning considerations, and were ultimately subject of Israeli occupation authorities’ approval.

To read the full study, follow the link:

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