Secretariat and partners convene to discuss the human rights situation in Jerusalem and required action



The Secretariat has, today 6 January 2015, convened a consultative meeting on the situation in Jerusalem, involving nearly two dozen CSOs, including a number of our core and project grantees, and other CSOs operating in occupied Jerusalem, and representatives of our donors. The meeting follows earlier discussion of the same subject, involving a smaller group of CSOs, which the Secretariat has organized on 18 November 2014.

Participants discussed the most acute human rights issues faced by Jerusalemites, the obstacles human rights CSOs face in addressing the violations of human rights in occupied Jerusalem by the Israeli authorities, as well as possible interventions and the role of our partner CSOs, the Secretariat and its donors in the current context.

CSO representatives highlighted the importance of paying attention to the situation in Jerusalem in its totality, bearing in mind that human rights in Jerusalem have both a legal/technical side as well as a political side. CSOs also stressed the need for CSOs and donors to pay attention to the national rights side of the situation in Jerusalem, including the right to self-determination, as they also deal with violations individuals suffer in their day to day life, such as settler violence, lack of quality education, increased unemployment, house demolition, etc.

The meeting has proved very useful and timely, and participants have raised serious issues, and constructive proposals for dealing with the deteriorating human rights situation in the occupied city. This is a necessary step towards ensuring Secretariat as well as partner CSO individual and collective action pertaining to Jerusalem is based on common understanding of the problems faced and interventions required.

At the end of the meeting, participating CSOs volunteered to take the proposals raised during the meeting to a more practical level, through organizing follow up meetings in the coming days and weeks, to prioritize the identified needs, and discuss in more detail collaboration and joint action.

The Secretariat will study the outcome of the meeting, including with its donors, before a decision is taken regarding its contribution in this respect: through capacity development assistance, policy dialogue or funding, as necessary and subject to availability of resources. The Secretariat will, as always, be transparent as to how and when its contribution can be expected, and in what form and at what level.


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