Following a lengthy process of review and assessment of the 23 full applications, the Secretariat has received for project funding, the Secretariat has in early September 2014, recommended 20 of these applications for funding, with a list of conditions and requirements pertaining to each application to be fulfilled before signing of grant agreements. On 18 September 2014, the Secretariat Donor Consortium Steering Committee has met, and approved the proposal submitted by the Secretariat for funding.

It is worth noting that the call for proposals for project funding which was launched on 29 April 2014, has at the time resulted in the receipt of 84 applications, 23 of which of these were selected, on 5 June 2014, for developing full applications. The 20 proposals, described below, were selected from amongst the 23 full applications received late June 2014.

The selection follows a thorough, fully documented review and assessment of each application, using detailed, pre-announced criteria for selection, including: the quality of proposal received (e.g. CSO experience and capacity, efficiency and effectiveness), as well as the geographic and thematic focus of the proposals (HR Education and Awareness, Legislative and Policy Reform, Advocacy and Campaigning, Persons with Disabilities, Youth, Empowerment and Activisms, Enhancing Gender Mainstreaming and Combating Discrimination – Against Women, Freedoms of Media & Press, Litigation Against Duty Bearers, and HR/IHL Research).

All 23 applicant CSOs, including the three CSOs whose applications were not approved, were informed of the decisions of the Steering Committee pertaining to their application, in the hours immediately following the Steering Committee’s meeting, on 18 September 2014, through personalized, detailed communication, which included the suggestions, requirements and conditions, pertaining to the activity, its duration and cost, which once dealt with effectively pave the way for signing a grant agreement so that that the project implementation can begin.

The table below lists all 20 CSOs whose applications for project funding were approved on 18 September, the project title, and objectives, and budget ceiling:


CSO partner

Title of the project

Objective of Project



AQHRC-Al-Quds Human Rights Clinic - Al-Quds University (AQU)

Upgrading the Monitoring and Documentation Unit

To upgrade the capacity of Al-Quds University Human Rights Clinic to be more independent in teaching and supervising human rights monitoring and documentation; through establishment of human rights monitoring and documentation system and providing law students with theoretical training and practical experience in human rights documentation and advocacy in Jerusalem area.



CCPRJ-The Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem

Combating De-Palestinization, Promoting the Right to Quality Palestinian Education in Occupied East Jerusalem

To empower Palestinian civil society stakeholders in education in occupied East Jerusalem, including parents, students, school teachers and administrators, to play an effective role in combatting De-Palestinization and protecting and promoting Palestinian culture and identity in East Jerusalem education



Community Media Center

It is not Just Documentaries

To contribute to promoting and protecting youth rights in the Gaza Strip through developing youth capacity in using media and social media in advocating for and protecting their rights and developing community awareness and a culture that respects human rights



CWLRC-Centre for Women’s Legal Research & Consulting

Advancing Human Rights-based Approach to Realizing Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in the Gaza Strip

To contribute to promoting women's rights and gender equality in the Gaza Strip based on IHRL and IHL



Hurryyat-The Center for Defense of Liberties & Civil Rights

Towards a Palestinian Torture-Free Society

To strengthen the culture of respect for HR and IHL towards a torture-free Palestinian society, enhanced by the rule of law



IALIIS-Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies - Birzeit University

Refugee Camps: Forms of Representation and Human Rights

To improve political processes that underpin human rights, in particular representation, in the refugee camps of the West Bank and Gaza Strip



Kav LaOved – Worker's Hotline

Upholding and Protecting the Labour and Human Rights of Palestinian Workers Employed by Israelis

To uphold Israeli labor law and protect and promote the rights of Palestinian workers employed by Israelis in Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories



LRC-Land Research Center

Protecting Palestinian's Housing and Land Rights in Area 'C'

To provide technical and legal support to victims of land confiscation and house demolition in five villages in the Hebron governorate to access the Israeli justice system



MA'AN Development Center – Gaza

Youth in Action for Human Rights

To empower 140 young community leaders in the Gaza Strip to mainstream HR and IHL into their social actions and influence duty bearers to fulfill their obligations towards the rights-holders through addressing and advocating for specific human rights violations in policy dialogue



Ma'an Network

Promoting Human Rights and International Human Rights Law in the oPt Through Innovative Media Initiatives

To establish a Palestinian culture that demands government accountability for and protection from human rights abuses, through raising awareness of citizens’ legal rights and establishing a channel through which the public can demand transparent investigations into human rights violations and the systematic reform of government institutions abusing human rights



Musawa-The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession

The Palestinian Constitution

The project adopts a holistic approach in working towards a justice section of the Palestinian constitution based on HR/IHL and societal consensus



Muwatin-The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy

Laws in Violation of Good Governance: Reclaiming Rights by the People

To empower citizens to exercise accountability over the laws produced in the absence of a legitimate and functioning PLC



PAFU-The Palestinian Farmers Union as hosting organization of the Stop the Wall Campaign (STW)

Do not Recognize, Aid or Assist

To contribute to a situation of accountability and respect for human rights by all duty bearers by creating mechanisms to implement the ICJ decision related to the separation Wall



PARC-The Agricultural Development Association - Gaza

Strengthening the Legal and Policy Environment to Protect Farm Land and Farmers' Rights

To contribute to protecting the agriculture farmlands and farmers’ rights based on IHRL and IHL



PBA-Palestinian Bar Association - Gaza

Lawyers for Human Rights and Protection of Civilians in Gaza

To strengthen the Palestinian Bar Association constituency and Gaza legal community engagement in civilian protection to uphold human rights and promote access of victims to justice



PCS-The Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs

Enhancing and Protecting the Rights of Persons with Disability in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

To contribute to institutional and policy reforms that advance the rights of people with disabilities through documenting violations of persons with disabilities rights, advocating for the adherence to the Palestinian Disability Law and the International Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities



PSCCW-Psycho Social Counselling for Center for Women 

Aman Project for Enhancing Palestinian Women Rights

To contribute to ending violence against women in the Palestinian society, particularly killing under the pretext of the so-called honor, through enhancing the application of human rights and international law principles



Rabbis for Human Rights

Seized Lands: Legal Recourse Against Takeover of Privately Owned Palestinian Lands in the oPt

To address the ongoing human rights violations taking place in the oPt in general and in the so-called ‘Gush Etzion’ region specifically, by providing legal representation to enable victims of human rights violations to seek redress and ensure protection of their rights



Teacher Creativity Center

Enhancing the National Education Sector Role in Promoting Respect for HRs/IHL in Palestine

To promote the role of education in the formation of informed, responsible and active citizenry prepared to abide by, defend and promote human rights culture, humanitarian law and the principle of respect for life and human dignity



Women for Life Organization 

Empowerment of Women Divorced Before Actual Marriage in Salfet and Qalqilia

To contribute to reduce all kinds of violence against women and empower divorced women (before consummation) in Salfit and Qalqilya, socially and legally so that they are able to defend their rights


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