The Secretariat Holds Pre-Submission Workshop

Birzeit, Palestine - On 14 June 2014, the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat (Secretariat) held today a 'pre-submission workshop' for representatives of West Bank (including Jerusalem) CSOs whose applications have been selected for full application development.

The event is intended to provide CSOs with necessary information and guidance regarding the Secretariat’s Strategy and the themes and geographic focus and related details. The workshop included: explanation of key elements of the full application template, the call for proposals, the budget form, and monitoring and evaluation aspects and requirements. The event was attended by representatives of 16 out of the 23 CSOs whose concept papers evaluated recently were selected, by consensus, for full application development.

At the workshop opening session, Director of the Institute of Law, Mr. Jamil Salem, welcomed participants, and outlined the reasons for the interest of the Institute in the Secretariat’s program and how the Secretariat is seen as a vehicle for enabling CSOs to carry out their interventions and to make the desired change. Mr. Salem also stressed the need for CSOs to remain appraised of the changing realities and that their programs respond to these including, in the current circumstances, tweaking their programs to respond to the Palestinian reconciliation as well as the accession of Palestine to numerous human rights conventions.

The Secretariat Manager, Dr. Mustafa Mari, reminded participants of the need to be mindful of the Secretariat’s Results Framework and Strategy, which were developed in full partnership with CSOs. Dr. Mari stressed the fact that the review of proposals received by the technical team of the Secretariat and the decision by the Secretariat’s Manager and other senior staff, is not about determining success or failure, but is meant to result in the selection of the applications which better respond to the Secretariat’s Strategy, Results Framework, and thematic and geographic priorities, amongst other things.

Dr. Mari also noted that the Secretariat has received a large number of concept notes (84 in total) but the resources available to the Secretariat are limited. Therefore, the Secretariat did not, unfortunately, move all applicants to the full application stage. Dr. Mari also highlighted the fact that the Secretariat has more than one layer of quality and integrity assurance process, designed specifically to guarantee a fair and equitable selection of organisations for the grants.

Finally, participants were reminded that in the coming weeks, as full applications are received, the final list of CSOs recommended for grant award will likely change as only those applications which best respond to the Secretariat’s strategy will be recommended for grant award. This has previously been explained in individual and group meetings and written communication with CSOs, and is already detailed in the Secretariat's Fund Management Manual as well as the Call for Proposals for this cycle (issued on 30 April 2014).



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